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a game of hope & action for the climate

It’s a race against time to fight climate change. You and your friends must work together to reduce global emissions before it’s too late! As you strategically deploy various climate solutions, you will be tested on your knowledge and your ability to prioritize. You will need to think critically about each solution and discuss with your teammates in order to avoid catastrophe.

Solutions is...

Designed with cutting edge research

We have spent thousands of hours during the game’s development to build the game’s foundation on cutting-edge climate research. For example, the core solutions in the game are inspired by the ground-breaking work of Paul Hawken, the co-founder of Project Drawdown and founder of Project Regeneration. Other research, such as the feedback loop cards and the starting points for global temperature, is based on NASA, the IPCC, UNFCCC, NOAA, Yale, Stanford, the World Resources Institute, the World Economic Forum, the AMPERE Database, and more.

Includes 101 unique climate solutions cards – many of which will surprise and delight you.

After a lively debate, flip the card to determine your fate!

What people are saying

Solutions has been play tested by over 600 kids, teens, adults, climate scientists, and gamers. 

Fun with friends

Solutions. was originally designed for you to have fun with your friends. The game is fast-paced and intense. It’s a non-traditional game based on discussion – like Cards Against Humanity – but also develops critical thinking. Even non-gamers will love it!

Deep in thought

Educator's Edition

Since inception, it was obvious that Solutions. is a game perfect for educational settings. The game intrinsically makes players engage deeply with climate solutions and activate their critical thinking skills.

For students, it will be the highlight of their day – and the lessons will stick, too.

Our Educator’s Edition includes a curriculum and resources for class projects.

Take meaningful action

Solutions. isn’t over when it’s over. While most people will simply enjoy the game as it is, players are encouraged to pick their favorite solution and turn it into real, meaningful action. 

Climate action

Play in-person or virtually

Can’t play in person? Virtual copies are available – perfect for socially-distanced fun or online classes!

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