New board game sparks fun discussions about climate change solutions

The game has already inspired real-world climate action

Halifax, Canada – 07/09/2021: Canadian board game publisher Big Talk Inc. announced today that their board game about climate solutions, called Solutions, will launch on Kickstarter on July 13th. Solutions is a brand new collaborative board game of hope and action for the climate. Faced by the threat of rising temperatures, players must work together to deploy unique and surprising climate solutions to avoid climate catastrophe!

It’s a game that looks like a game, but probably has the biggest real-life implications. I felt challenged in the best way. You don’t even feel like you’re learning things, you’re just having a good time.

Ömercan D., Playtester

Based on cutting-edge research, Solutions will ensure players have tons of fun while learning all about the world’s leading climate solutions! It’s a game for all ages and knowledge levels designed to help players think critically while laughing with family and friends. 10% of all profits from the game go to Project Drawdown and One Generation to support climate research.

Solutions has been tested with over 600 playtesters, including gamers, families, and students from elementary school all the way to the PhD level. The game has already had real-world impact. After playing, two grade 6 classes decided to take action in their school cafeteria, reducing food waste by over 3kg/day.

I developed Solutions because I believe that there’s real hope for the future of our planet. The solutions to climate change are real and doable, but people need to know about them. And what better way to learn than through play? By focusing on solutions rather than problems, we can inspire each other, instead of feeling helpless and anxious for the future.

Sam Levac-Levey, Creator

Solutions is live NOW on Kickstarter at 20% off – back it in the first 48 hours to have a tree planted in your name! By becoming a backer, you will help make the game a reality.

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Press Contact: info@solutionsthegame.com

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