Gameplay Overview

Solutions is an intense, non-traditional game based on discussion (like Cards Against Humanity but for climate change!) Designed for and tested with gamers, non-gamers, climate experts, and even those who have no particular interest in climate.

Every year, global temperatures increase, keeping you under constant pressure. In order to keep the Earth cool, players will propose climate solutions. However, some solutions can have more impact than others! 

Deploy an array of unique and surprising climate solutions, from solar panels to bamboo to clean cookstoves and more.
Next, it's time to debate! Together, your team will need to decide which of the climate solutions will have the most impact on reducing global warming by 2050.
Once you've come to a decision, it's time to reveal your fate. Flip over the cards to find out how you did!
Reduce global temperature by the number of solutions successfully proposed. Any mistakes will cost you!
Roll the dice to see if you trigger any Feedback Loops. Just like in real life, these get more likely the warmer the world gets! Event cards can help or hinder your mission - prepare to make some tough decisions and complete team challenges! As you play, you'll also collect Reward cards to help you succeed.

What makes the solution cards special?


These cards have been meticulously crafted and tested to provide enough  context for meaningful discussion, even if players have never heard of the solution before.


The solution rank. #1 is the most impactful solution globally. #76 is the least impactful.


The amount of CO2e that the solution can plausibly reduce between 2020-2050.


A bar graph that helps give players a sense of the global scale of the solution.


A short explanation that gives more context about why the solution is ranked as it is.


Scan this QR code if you’re interested in learning more about the solution.

What's in the box?