Your purchase supports climate research

We donate 10% of our profits to Paul Hawken’s Project Regeneration, because of Paul’s critical role in pioneering the incredible research that forms the foundation of this game, and to help fund their work to foster learning, connection, and action to inspire the regeneration of the world.

of profits go to

Project Regeneration

When it comes to sustainability, we think inside the box...

While the box might look small, it can fit the same components as other games with boxes twice the size (by volume)! This makes a tremendous difference in the shipping impact and cost, while making the game ultra-portable and saving your shelf space.

Another board game (left) vs Solutions (right)

The other board game packed in the Solutions box

A paperless rulebook...

In order to save trees and unnecessary packaging, the rulebook for Solutions. is fully digital. Simply scan the QR code in the box to access it!

This has many added benefits, including that everyone can read the rules at the same time and the rules can be “patched” with gameplay improvements, like software.

Sustainable components...

To further minimize waste, we ask you to provide common items: a stopwatch (your smartphone is fine) and a pencil and paper to draw on. 

All of our game components are made of FSC Certified wood: premium cardstock, cardboard, and a few wood cubes. 

We avoid plastic packaging inside the game. The only plastic is the shrink-wrap to keep your game safe during transportation.

Carbon neutralization...

Despite our best efforts to design this game in as sustainable a way as possible, no mass-produced product can yet claim to have no impact without a little bit of help. That’s why we’re partnering with Cooler to neutralize our remaining impact. 

Cooler calculates the carbon footprint of every board game we print, including manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and even the air conditioning and lighting of the retail store. They then charge us based on the footprint, and use the money to buy emission permits away from tightly-regulated carbon markets in the U.S. There are only a certain number of permits available, and once Cooler buys up those permits, polluters have to find more sustainable ways to operate, stopping pollution at its source. This is a much more rigorous approach than carbon offsets, since offsets allow polluters to continue business as usual.

And a 300% green website!

How can something be 300% green? Because it’s AWESOME!

Our website is hosted by GreenGeeks, the world’s #1 green webhost. For every Joule of energy this website uses, GreenGeeks buys 3x the energy from renewable resources. Take that, Big Oil! 

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