Solutions doesn’t have to be over when the game ends! Turn your favorite climate solutions from the game into real-world action, with the help of our online templates and global community.  

People often focus on the two extremes for climate action: personal actions that can seem meaningless, and large actions such as national policy or deep tech, which are out of the sphere of influence of most people. But the sphere of action in between is incredibly important and empowering. One single person or group can take actions that impact their local friend groups, communities and regions. And these actions can be replicated, adapted, and improved between communities around the world. I believe this is a driver for meaningful change. 

For example, after playing Solutions one group of students decided to take action and fight food waste in their school’s cafeteria. By measuring their school’s food waste and launching an awareness campaign among fellow students, they managed to reduce their daily food waste by 3-10 kg/day! Here’s their teacher, Cassie Klein, talking about the project… 

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